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Welcome to the tumblr page of RMJ Sports!

RMJ offers bikes with a unique structure; a rear mounted motor running the central axel through a gear box. This design allows the bike to maintain the shape of a normal bicycle whilst ensuring an even weight distribution. It’s operation is surprisingly smooth and easy and its hill climbing ability is extraordinary!

RMJ Sports is a professional surfboard manufacturer located in Long Island, New York. Thanks to our master shapers, who have over 15 years experience, we are able to offer you only the most superbly made stand-up paddle boards.

Stand-Up paddle boarding, also known as Hoe he’e nalu in Hawai’ian, is a new and exciting sporting event taking hold in canals, rivers and oceans throughout the world. The rider uses a carbon-fiber paddle to navigate through waves and still water. Paddles are approximately 7’ long and are lightweight.

Stand-up paddle boarding also gives you a great workout! It helps build core-strength and balance in flat water or in waves. Stand-up Paddle boarding is a sport for your whole family!

RMJ offers boards that are pre-designed and can be custom painted to suit any personality and style. (Minimum quantity required).